Since the original MapleStory aged, its everyday active users have been overtaken by cheaters and spammers. If you stroll into the town named Henesys where Maplestory Mesos many characters stand idly while their real life counterparts get up for a walk or to find a drink, or into the Free Market where people trade, you'll find that spam occupies nearly all of the general chat, and it's difficult to get a word in edgewise. When searching bosses that drop rare items, you might find cheaters running third party programs to take the items until you are able to reach them. Both of these unpleasant happenings, which grew more prevalent as the match got old, contributed to MapleStory's steady decrease.

For now, the beta versions of both MapleStory M and MapleStory 2 are bot-free and trading between players isn't permitted yet, so there's no prospect of getting scammed on a offer. Throughout the January beta, I tested out Maplestory M on a Samsung Galaxy S8 and discovered a much more streamlined form of the original desktop sport. Rather than having to use the total QWERTY keyboard and memorize chain combos for characters, then you only need to press several buttons. As is true for a number of other mobile games, your character moves by itself to quest destinations as well as automobile hunts monsters so you can level up without a great deal of effort.

According to Lee, the group recognized grinding on mobile wasn't ideal so that they created the auto play style "so that players can enjoy MapleStory mobile even after several hours of playing with a smaller screen."

In case MapleStory M seems like Nexon just flashed a manageable version of the first game onto cellular, then MapleStory 2 is your company turning the game into an entirely different animal. The manager of the MapleStory 2 staff, Minseok Shin, says that "MapleStory 2 is not just a 3D transformation of the original MapleStory.