Entering the practice gym, signing an endorsement arrangement, and completing an NBA MT Coins match in MyCareer mode generally prompts a three to four ten minute cutscene in NBA 2k19. This can be annoying for some gamers who only want to play with and improve their own MyPlayer. Mashing buttons on your controller won't skip the cutscene since there's no way to bypass these long cartoons and dialog normally. For those desperate to skip cutscenes, you may use a simple workaround if you've got other friends online playing NBA 2k19.

After each NBA match, a few match stats will appear on the display while DJ and business gradually walk towards their locker room. Aside from this lengthy animation, there's a big chance you will strike a cutscene with either security guy, Boo Boo, along with teammate Shammy Wells fooling around or your own character having a meeting. To bypass these cutscenes, simply bring up the party menu onto your console and join a buddy who's playing NBA 2k19. Doing this brings one to The Neighborhood, basically bypassing the cutscene.

Before skipping cutscenes, make sure that you allow the game finish auto-saving to make certain your progress is listed. Additionally, to ensure you make your VC rewards, then only skip the cutscene once the golden coin VC icon appears on the lower right side of the display.

Regrettably, there is no workaround to bypass another cutscenes in MyCareer and The Neighborhood, which is understandable considering the developers likely want 2K19 MT players to watch all of the labors of the effort in generating dialogue and animations.