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Konu: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Pixel XL?

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    Nov 2017
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    Post How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Pixel XL?

    Google this year will no longer use the Nexus brand, the original plan code named Sailfish and Marlin's two Nexus phones eventually changed its name to Pixel and Pixel XL.

    Pixel and Pixel XL will be equipped with 820 Snapdragon processor with 4GB of memory, with Android 7.1, version 7 compared to the initial push has a larger upgrade, including Google Daydream and VR support assistant. Pixel and Pixel XL screen size of 5.2 inches and 5.5 inches, but the screen panel is displayed as 5 inches and 5.5 inches.

    However, no matter how good a cell phone is, it can't avoid the risk that users delete data incorrectly, so, how to recover photos from Google Pixel XL? The answer is Android Data Recovery, which can directly restore any lost data including contacts, photos, videos, call history, messages, WhatsApp chat, audio and more from Google Pixel/Pixel XL even with backup. What's more, you can backup and restrore your phone data by using this tool in one click.

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    Many users may think the deleted data cannot be view and recover if they are removed from Android phone, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG mobile devices.
    As the matter of fact, once your file deleted on mobile phone, they are not really gone forever until overwritten by the new data. It means that you have a change to recover deleted pictures from android with the help of third -party data recovery tool, Android Data Recovery.
    The program supports you to recover deleted contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, WhatsApp, call logs and document files.
    how to restore deleted music on android
    how to restore deleted videos on android
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    Android Data Recovery is a data processing software for Pixel and other Android devices.

    Recover Deleted Data from Google Pixel 2

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