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Konu: Are Aliens, UFOs, poltergeist etc., all of inter-dimensional origin?

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    Are Aliens, UFOs, poltergeist etc., all of inter-dimensional origin?

    Hello Friends,

    Here some front page news on poltergeists in Scotland with some empirical evidence from a number of police officers, now i have put this in the alien section because i could not find an interdimensional section, which i ** leaning towards nowadays, i believe that all phenomenon regarding UFOs, Alien abduction, ghost, poltergeists etc etc are all of inter dimensional origin, i would like to know the views of the ATS public on this matter and would like to hear of any evidence that supports or contradicts my theory.

    About Me:
    I'm new in this forum, I ** a consultant and have worked with multiple firms
    You can check Travel Management Software video one of my work.

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