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Konu: Current Russian army anti tank methodology

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    Current Russian army anti tank methodology

    Let me start by saying this is not a which tank is better thread, or a thread about platform vs platform. I ** just keen to understand the current Russian army methodology in dealing with an opposing armoured force equipped along NATO lines. IE what is the Russian methodology for dealing with a NATO equipped force organised along the lines of NATO units, regarding armour?

    I ** familiar with the deep box methodology in general terms, with ATGM units throughout the box, various methods of attacking armour etc and so forth. I wondered this partly due to the new tank hunter purchases, as well as the speculation regarding the new Russian MBT. in short, are these signs of a new methodology in dealing with the aforementioned type unit? Or what is the current methodology? Whilst I do understand that this type of unit is just one of many potential threats (and not the most likely of course), I would find the answer very interesting. Any answers would be most useful and appreciated.

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